OUR TIME is Refugee Action Kingston’s very own time bank. We focus on refugees and asylum seekers in and around Kingston, but we are also open to local residents.

By becoming members of 'Our Time', RAK clients build stronger social networks, learn new skills and become more active members of the community.

Whats good about Timebank volunteering?

It is a manageable way for you to give your time, and unlike regular volunteering you can give and take when you choose.

Sean Kelly,Timebank member. "This scheme is very close to my heart. I enjoyed the challenge and am now confident that my contribution will have a positive impact on the pariticpants' lives." 

Whats on offer?

Activities are based on the skills and knowledge of our members.

At the moment, we already have members:


 listen to ‘Zara Timebank audio’ on Audioboo